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Note: Before you do something, you need to make a PayPal account in order to get paid (cash out), if you don't have one, just do one here, it is completely free and it take about 5 minutes to do it. You can cash out to an unverified PayPal account, but remember, for purchases, your PayPal account need to be verified, not necessary to get paid, but you can verify it later. Once your PayPal account is active, proceed with the following steps.

Step 1
The first thing to do, is of course to register at official website. Registration is free of charge and works like any other common website registration.
Pick a time in the 24-hour period in which you log on everyday to NeoBux and view every ad available (later, you won’t get paid for the clicks made by your refs if you don’t view every ad yourself) by clicking on the text “View Advertisements” in the top right corner of the viewport. As a standard member you get to view and click a maximum of 4 ads per day (which takes about 3 minutes).
When you have earned 0.75 dollars you have the opportunity to rent 3 refs, but don’t do that just yet! It takes some time (about 3 weeks) to reach 0.75 dollars just by clicking each day, which makes many members eager to buy their first refs as soon as they have their 75 cents. Then you can’t afford to maintain your refs and eventually they will be gone because you won’t be able to pay for them.

Step 2

Don’t rent any referrals until you have earned $2.00 dollars (if you want things to go faster you can, of course invest some money). Transfer your $2.00 dollars from your “Main Balance” to your “Rental Balance”. You now have 1 dollar per ref and you won’t have any problems with recycling the inactive ones and/or with extending your refs.

As you probably figured out by now, it will take some time before you have earned $2.00 dollars, but it’s better to wait so you don’t have to worry about not being able to recycle your inactive refs with new active ones. This will be a perfect time to familiar yourself with the website and to read the FAQ and the Help pages, and to take a look at the forums, which I highly recommend.

Step 3

When you have purchased your first 3 refs, you should enable “AutoPay”, which is a very good tool. Referrals cost 30 cent to extend for one month, but with AutoPay enabled all referrals who clicks on ads that day will automatically be extended for 1 day. It will only cost you one ad, or 1 cent (if a ref view 4 ads you will get paid for 3 of them and get to keep the ref for another day). You could say that the refs pay for themselves, but only if they’re active. For example, if one of your refs doesn’t click any ads one day, you won’t have to pay for that ref that day.
It might sound a bit confusing right now, but after a while you will understand how everything works.
So, click on “Enable” next to “AutoPay” on the same page as your refs are located.

Step 4

There are many different ideas and methods of how to best use the recycle tool. A good strategy in the beginning is to recycle any ref that hasn’t clicked on any ads today, yesterday or the day before that and has a “Click Average” (the amount of clicks per day in average) below 2.0. If a ref has a Click Average between 2.0 and 4.0, you should wait 4 days before recycling it. You should wait a whole week before recycling a ref with a Click Average above 4.0. Maybe he/she went on holiday and it would be unfortunate to recycle an otherwise great and very active ref.

Step 5

With less than 20 days remaining for a ref AutoPay will not work, which we of course want to use. So, as soon as any of your refs gets below 20 days to the next payment (you can find “Next Payment” on the same page as your rented refs are), you should pay for another 30 days for that ref.

Step 6

One could easily believe that NeoBux is too good to be true, for example, if you request a payment you will get paid to your PayPal or AlertPay account instantly. That’s why many makes the big mistake to cash out their earned money too early, just because they want to make sure that NeoBux is indeed legit. This is a bit foolish. That money should have been used to maintain your refs. NeoBux is a very serious PTC (Paid To Click) program and you WILL get paid.
Instead, keep on transferring money to your Rental Balance each time you reach 3 dollars and buy new refs, which you maintain in the same way as I mentioned before. When your earnings start to increase, you can buy larger amounts of refs each rental time.

Step 7

Keep on with this strategy until you reach 500 referrals. Now, stop renting new refs and maintain the ones you already have. Things will move a lot faster now, and it won’t be long until you reach 100 dollars.

Step 8

This is the great part about NeoBux!
Now use 90 of your 100 dollars to buy “Golden Membership”. When you have a Golden Membership the money you earn each day will DOUBLE.
Now it’s time to rent new referrals again. Things will move a lot faster now, and when you have about 2000 refs you can start cashing out all money you’re not spending on maintenance and recycling. You will be able to cash out approximately $20 per day! or $620 a month, can be more, it depends on you.

I am currently making anywhere from $3.00 to $3.60 daily depending on how many ads my referrals click, that's like $80.00 monthly just for click 9 times daily (5 minutes each day). I have 200 rented referrals and just upgraded to Golden membership to earn $$$ quicker and I will keep buying more referrals and eventually reach the max of 2000 rented for Golden membership. This is why patience is the key, it takes time to get to be making $50 a day but it is totally possible and worth if you keep at it.

It is good idea to put a little investment into this system to buy referrals in the beginning (if you are able to) remember it is not necessary but I wanted to speed up the process a little bit so I made an investment of about $20.00 initially to get some referrals, then later I upgraded to Golden.

Ruben Gonzalez

It's not that difficult like you are thinking, it's very easy once you start...  
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