Is Neobux a scam?

Many people are skeptical of a Neobux scam when they are first introduced to the website.
The reason for this is that you are able to earn money without spending money, and the amount of money you get paid to click ads is not very much. Also, many people have seen sites that try to copy Neobux, but actually are scams, in that they will never pay their members, or they will only pay certain members, and ban others that they do not want to pay.
The true earning potential Neobux offers is through referrals, both rented and direct referrals can greatly increase your Neobux earnings. Some people say that offering to rent referrals constitutes a scam, but I disagree. Many people are looking to make money online, and not all of them have considerable knowledge of internet marketing. For this reason, renting referrals allows users that don’t know how to get Neobux direct referrals a chance to succeed with Neobux.
The overall goal of Neobux is to keep advertisers interested in placing advertisements on their website, because this is how they make money. Second, they must insure there are enough members to view the advertisements for which they have orders. By making their website more attractive to a large group of people, and not just expert internet marketers, they are able to place a greater number of ad views to a wider consumer base, thus making their advertising network an attractive audience for advertisers.
The Neobux forum is a great resource for prospective users and active members alike. You do not have to be logged in to view the forum, and also the forum supports many various languages since Neobux supports many various countries. You do have to be logged in to post on the forums, but if you are skeptical, head over to the Neobux Forum and do some reading.

There are tons of Neobux payment proofs, showing successful transactions.
As far as payment processors, Neobux uses PayPal, AlertPay, and Neteller. Also, Neobux covers the fees involved with processing your payment, so you don’t have to worry about your earnings being affected by these fees. Also, payments are made instantly, no waiting around for your payment to be manually processed, reviewed, etc.
Recently, Neobux hit its 1000 day anniversary, and has been up and running for well over 2 years. In all reality, Neobux is the authority when it comes to get paid to click websites, or any type of bux or aurora site. Many sites are similar to Neobux in their appearance and prices and features, do not assume that because it looks like NeoBux that these other sites are legitimate.
Neobux is not a scam, but rather a way to earn a stream of income online. Once you start using Neobux you may decide you want to speed up the process and invest some money into your account. When you do, you will begin to see the true earning potential of Neobux at work. If you are new to get paid to click websites, I do not recommend investing right away. First, do your homework. Read all of the information you can on how the business operates. Read about all of the rules, guidelines, and mechanics of Neobux. Then, when you have a firm understanding of the various features of Neobux, come up with a plan on how to invest some money, and do so.

What makes Neobux so different from other PTC sites?

1. Neobux was the first PTC
that pay instantly to all members!

2. Neobux have a low minimum payout, only $2.00!

3. Neobux use Rent Referral system, only $0.30/month for each referral rented!

4. Neobux have a detailed statistics about your account, your referrals
performance, your strategy to manage referrals such as recycle referrals,
autopay, Rental Balance, one more months payment, and many more!

5. Neobux have the most advanced security to protect member's account. With
256bit SSL, Neobux guaranteed member's account are all safe.

6. Neobux have a various jackpot games to play and win money or referrals.
Weekly Mega Jackpot offer members to buy ticket as low as $0.10 each with prize
more than $400 for winner. Neobux also have Mini Jackpot, Referral Jackpot, and
Mini Referral Jackpot!

7. Neobux have a Chat system, where you can meet other Neobux's members all
around the world, talk in a real time chat, or even discuss about manage referral's
strategy live with other members!

8. Neobux have an integrated forum where people can come to check what new
announcements made by Admin, sharing their statistics, posting heir success
stories, request a new feature to be added to Neobux, and many more!

9. Neobux have a various membership options, from standard, golden, and

10. Neobux have an advanced promotional tools, the best thing is Neobux have a
Live Stats banner which update automatically! You can check how much you have
earned, how many members are joined Neobux, or even check how much Neobux have
been paid members.

Source: Financial Freedom