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When I started I was clicking like crazy, cool I wanted to have as more clicks as possible, but why Neobux was telling me that I didn't click any advertisements today? Then I realized why.

Once you are registered and read the Terms and Conditions which is very important, another thing that you need to know is how to click at the right time.

Neobux server is located in another part of the world that maybe is not where you are, that's why once you log in, you are going to see one clock in the top left side, that is your local time (your location or computer time) is not running, it is there just to show you that at your local time, by that hour, your advertisements are going to reset, that means that after that time your advertisements that you clicked already, you can click them again if available and they are going to count as a valid click (same advertisers maybe but reseted). IMPORTANT, both clocks run by 24:00 hours, what we call (military time).

Neobux server time

Ok now PAY ATENTION, that clock on your top right side is telling you the time of Neobux server, that one is running and it ends at 00:00 (12:00AM) by that time that's another day for Neobux server but not for you maybe. Lets do it more simple, I'm going to use my reset time as an example. My reset time (when my advertisements are going to reset) is at 4:45 (according to the military time, that's 4:45AM) but according to my location Neobux server time is one hour more than my time where I live, for example when here is 22:00 (10:00PM) Neobux server is 23:00 (11:00PM), so what that means? That means that my clicks are going to count for today until 10:59PM because at 11:00PM (my time) Neobux server are going to start another day 00:00 (12:00AM), (remember Neobux server in my case is one hour more than me) so I need to stop clicking at 10:59PM because if I click after 10:59PM Neobux server is now in the next day and all my clicks are not going to count for today anymore, but for tomorrow either, why? because my advertisemens reset time is at 4:45AM so that means that at 5:45AM (Neobux server time), I can click for the next day.

Why all this?

Ok here is why. So you can be credited for your referrals, you need to click at least 4 advertisements or more per day, so that means if you start to click after 00:00 (Neobux server time) and before your advertisements reset (in my case 5:45AM) your clicks are not going to count as those 4 clicks that you need for the next day so you can be credited for your referrals clicks. But if you click after your advertisements reset time thats when your clicks are going to count for your referrals. Remember you work for your referrals first then they work for you, the clicks that you are clicking today counts for tomorrow in order to be credited for your referrals clicks tomorrow, you are not working for today.

Neobux do this in order to not overcharge their servers and everybody have the same chance to click on their advertisements without affect the server.

They don't penalize you if you don't do it right, they are not going to close your account for that, but if you want to earn more, you need to do it right.

What advertisements do I have to click?

There are two kind of advertisements, MICRO EXPOSURE and  FIXED ADVERTISEMENTS and they are subcategorized as different colors and prices (money to earn).

You have to click in all of them, BUT, so you can earn money from your referrals the next day, you have to click on the orange ones, 4 orange if you are Standard member and 9 if you are Golden member (mandatory), the other ones you can click them all the time, even if you are not in your server time. You just have to follow the server time instructions for the orange ones.

Very Important

Do not use more than one Neobux account on the same network (internet connection), your account can be suspended (see it in this way, one account per family). Yes you can use another computer TO SEE your account but ONLY ONE to click on the advertisements. DO NOT use public networks like airports, schools or work, if somebody use one of those connections after that, your account can be suspended because the system believe now that there are two accounts in the same connection. Make sure you always use the same connection and that connection is secured (NOT PUBLIC).

If you follow this guide you will never have any kind of problems. Everything is clear in Neobux page at the Terms and Conditions information.

Now...  Welcome to Neobux

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Ruben Gonzalez

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