How I get started with Neobux

I'm sixteen years experienced in Robotics, Electronics and Computers Technician, knowledge in all kind of operating systems, automated machines and everything related to the internet. As all of us I always receive all kind of scams on my emails saying that I won $1,000.00 dollars, $1,000,000,000  dollars on Nigeria, electronic devices and all kind of things. I remember one day when one friend of my told me that he received an email telling him that he had $2,000,000,000 dollars and all he had to do is give them his information and marry one woman from Nigeria. He called me very excited, I told him that it was a scam, It was a little late for him because he sent her $500 dollars already supposedly for expenses on paperwork to send  him the money, I didn't have any way to save the money that he lost already but at least I saved him to still spending more money on that scam, he was a noobie in computers so when I told him he didn't want to believe me, I had to make a research for him, go to his house and show him that it wasn't true and how those scams work. Specially if you don't have to do nothing to earn money, that's a scam. You have to work, you have to do something in order to earn money, and that's what I'm doing with Neobux.

One day I was searching the internet looking for something to see how can I make money online, I tried some things like sell on ebay with dropshipping, it didn't work, I spent around $1,600 dollars in an internet store, what I won?  Frustration. Anyways I kept looking. Then I decided to play with my friend google for a while to see if there was something else to do, then I found Neobux, to be honest I was thinking it was another scam like the other ones that I seen before. So I made a search, started to see what the people was saying about them, their experiences and how it works, to tell you the truth I never found something negative about them and behind some special charasteristics I noticed that they were legit. So I gave them a try anyways it is free and you don't have to invest nothing, I mean NOTHING to start to earn money, so I said I have nothing to lose here. I registered and read about how it works on their forum, I read the Terms and Conditions to be clear and make sure not to do any mistake. To make the story short, here I am on Neobux and earning money and when I said money, is GOOD MONEY. You are not going to be a millionare doing this, but you can have an extra REAL GOOD income if you do it right.

I found some people that they weren't successful and complained about Neobux, but why was the reason? You can not start like crazy, I recommend once you register, read the Terms and Conditions carefuly, make sure you understand everything, then do what you got to do. Know the system and how it works, read their forum, follow and emulate the users with success, the members of the forum always help you to make your right decisions if you have any doubt, if you do this, you are going to be surprised.  There are users with $55,000 dollars on their account, with evidence of payments from PayPal. Another good thing is if you decide to make a cash out it goes instantly paid to your PayPal account, I mean in seconds. You don't believe me? Once you earn $2.00 try to see, I don't recommend it for many reasons that you are going to read later. But yes, you can do it, if you want to test if it is true.

If you don't believe me, ok I don't blame you, but go, see by yourself and judge, analize and make your own decision. I know if you make the right decision, you are going to remember me and in a good way.

And one little tip, once you register, KEEP ACTIVE every day and click, click and click, that is the clue to earn money here, one day without 4 clicks, one day that you are not going to earn money. Just take about 5 minutes every day maybe less, as you see you have to do something but just 5 minutes a day. The best thing is that you don't have to spent the whole day and your valuable time behind that computer, we know we got a lot of things to do in our busy life. That's another good reason why I'm doing it.

Want to learn more and have an idea about how to start and how it works, read the other sections here on this blog, specially the beginners guide and very important section and leave your comments or any doubts there.

*UPDATE: Take advantage of your bonus (see Your Bonus section).

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Author:  Ruben Gonzalez